Our Mission
The mission of the Hill-Snowdon Foundation is to work with low income families and communities to create a fair and just society. We believe that it is essential for people to proactively define the type of society in which they want to live and then work collectively to achieve this vision. HSF seeks to accomplish this mission by providing grants to organizations that work directly to build the power of low-income families; leveraging our and others' resources; and promoting opportunities for learning and growth.

Our Philosophy
HSF's Board is deeply concerned about growing economic, racial, and social injustices , as well as the decreasing role and influence that regular people have in the daily practice of democracy in this country. Fundamentally, we are interested in improving the material and socio- political conditions of low-income families and communities so that they are thriving.  We believe that the most sustainable and effective way of achieving this is for low-income families and communities to build the power necessary to move away them from the political, economic and social margins of our society. Thus for us, poverty, income inequality and constrained opportunity are indelibly linked to social and political marginalization.  Consequently, we have chosen community organizing as our core strategy because it has proven effective at securing concrete improvements for low-income families and communities by engaging them in the public sphere and consequently, decreasing their social and political marginalization.  

Our Approach
HSF strives to be a strategic partner working with organizations that organize low-income families and communities in order to create a fair and just society. The Foundation adopts an integrated strategy to our work that combines grantmaking and leveraging. 


Grantmaking: The core of our work is making grants to help organizations achieve social justice for their constituents. Through our grantmaking, we usually provide general support funds to help organizations do their work; learn about a range of issues impacting low-income families, and build relationships with leaders across the country. In our grantmaking, we strive to be responsive, take risks, innovate, and be a strategic partner that supports under-funded areas and stays the course with our partners because we recognize that structural change requires a long-term investment of resources, perseverance and creativity to be successful.  


Leveraging:  We try to leverage our position within philanthropy by strategically working with other funders to increase resources and opportunities for issues and organizations that are related to our interests. On occasion, HSF will lend our voice in support of efforts that advocate for specific policy and/or institutional practice changes.

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