Non-profit organizations, projects or intermediaries where 50 percent or more of the board, management, staff, AND members or constituents identify themselves as Black (e.g., African-American, Caribbean, African, Afro-Latino, etc.), and where primary focus of the organization or project is to secure or facilitate changes in legislative policy and/or institutional practices for the benefit of the Black community.

In addition to some of the more recognizable groups, there is a larger ecosystem of dynamic Black-led community organizing groups that are doing important work.  Many of these groups are under-resourced because they are not on the radar of many donors. Consequently a key feature of the MBLM Initiative is to develop an on-line searchable database of Black-led community organizing groups in the US, so that we can literally put these important groups on the map.  

The Black-Led Organizing Map is a living map that will be released in phases and we hope will grow and evolve over time.  The first phase of the map will feature organizations that completed a MBLM Initiative survey at the end of 2015.  This survey yielded 264 completed surveys. Of these, 162 groups met our specific criteria for being a Black-led community organizing group and those groups are included on the map.


We view the other groups as parts of the broader eco-system for Black social change and have developed a separate Black Social Change Spreadsheet which  you can find here. We will update the Black-Led Organizing Map and the Black Social Change Spreadsheet on a periodic basis, so please keep checking back.

Tips for Using the Map

  • The Filter by Keyword search will yield the broadest search results because it searches the whole record.

  • The Filter by Key Issue search will yield a narrower search result based only on those issue fields.

  • You can combine search by Key Issue and Keyword to refine your search (e.g. LGBTQ and Youth).


We had to make several judgement calls based on limited information and know we likely made several mistakes in choosing which groups got on the map and didn't and in editing the description of the current campaigns and recent accomplishments for the groups included on the map. We also know that we probably missed a lot of groups. We apologize in advance for this, but we are providing an opportunity to correct these errors and omissions by asking groups that have already submitted information to edit that information (including groups that were included on the spreadsheet but not on the map) and groups that are not currently on the map to fill out a survey to be included on this website. Click on the appropriate button to the left if you are not already on the map or spreadsheet and want the opportunity to be included. If you are already on the map or spreadsheet and want to update or edit your information, please fill out the survey here.


We hope that the database and map will help promote the important work of Black-led organizing and Black social change groups within philanthropy and also allow the groups to learn about other organizations doing work towards social, racial and economic justice in the Black community.

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