The Foundation has awarded hundreds of grants and we invite you to learn more about them. Our website includes grants from 2015-2019. For earlier grants please reach out to us directly with a request for the additional information so that we might provide additional information related to location, grant size, issue area, and more*.

Recent Board Discretionary and Employee Matching grants reflect individual decisions beyond the Foundation’s goals, and are not available through the database at this time. Our individual grant lists can be downloaded here as well:

HSF 2015 Grants List

HSF 2016 Grants List

HSF 2017 Grants List

HSF 2018 Grants List

HSF 2019 Grants List

*If you are a funder and interested in speaking to a staff member about a specific grantee that we have funded or currently, please contact us.


Over the years the Hill-Snowdon Foundation has supported several special initiatives as well. A recent initiative is the Defending the Dream Fund. You can find our grant lists for that particular fund below:

2017 HSF Defending the Dream Fund Grants

2018 HSF Defending the Dream Fund Grants

2018 Defending the Dream Fund Grants (All)

2019 HSF Defending the Dream Fund Grants

**Please send all grant list inquiries to communications@hillsnowdon.org**

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