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Grant Inquiries

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Given the continued impact of Covid-19, our focus has needed and continued to shift. Going forward, we are putting a pause on the typical grant inquiry/outreach work that we generally do in order to focus on what we can do to offer our support. It is always a priority for us to learn about new organizations, and we encourage you to still send us information and updates. We look forward to continuing this part of our work in the future, and we wish your organization the best and hope you all are staying safe and healthy during this time.

Please note, as we are a small staff, there may be a period of time between you reaching out to us and getting a response, but know that we will do our best to follow up in a timely manner.​

Grant Inquiry
Is community organizing a major or primary strategy used in your organization?

Feel free to upload any recent reports, one-pagers or articles about your organization.

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Thank you for submitting! We look forward to learning more about your organization.

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